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Attempts at Gardening

Getting pepper seeds started (bhut jolokia, white habanero and medusa peppers)


I love spicy hot food and peppers look great once they bear fruit. I have been trying for a couple of years to find a nursery that carried medusa, ghost or white habanero peppers but no one ever does around … Continue reading

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Get your garden started!


If you have not started your garden there is still plenty of time. Here in the high desert we have some challenges with the climate that might make getting started a problem. Last year there were 3 frosts and a … Continue reading

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Control4 Medusa pepper mini greenhouse control

I planted a batch of Medusa pepper seeds this year thinking I could grow them in the house prior to planting outside. I was hoping to get them started early but after 2-3 weeks in my little plastic greenhouse full … Continue reading

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Bhut Jolokia Ghost and White Habaneros planted!

I usually harvest and can way more salsa than I eat in a year, so I will bring several bowls to work and host a little salsa party. However some of my coworkers suggested that my hottest salsa was not … Continue reading

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