Get your garden started!

If you have not started your garden there is still plenty of time. Here in the high desert we have some challenges with the climate that might make getting started a problem. Last year there were 3 frosts and a snow after I thought a week of 60-70 degree weather meant it was safe to plant! this year I got a bunch of peat pot starters and little plastic greenhouses so I could get started on the peppers I wanted. You can get them at most garden centers or Amazon.
Jiffy Mini peat pot greenhouse

If you don’t have a green thumb to try starting from seeds, it wouldn’t be a horrible idea to run down to the nursery and grab some seedlings before the warm weather hits and everyone else is down there getting the prime seedlings. All the unusual and fun stuff goes FAST. You can keep and water them in the house until it is time for planting.

There’s more to having a garden than just having some fresh food¬† 4-5 months from now. Gardening is becoming a lost skill. Getting your kids involved in gardening will help them learn patience, the satisfaction of growing something themselves, learn to prep and cook fresh food and is a great family activity.You never know, maybe your kids will learn to like fresh food over McDonald’s in the meantime.

Having a shelf full of canned food ready could be an emergency food supply if for some reason you get weathered in for a few days, or get in a financial situation where having something on the shelf ready to go is a fortunate decision.  Even my little salsa garden last year yielded 58 cans of salsa, marinara and diced tomatoes after we ate all the fresh salsa, stuffed peppers and diced tomatoes we could handle.

So find a patch of the yard you can use or set up some planter boxes or pots on the porch as detailed in this article and see what happens!

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