You found me, lucky you.

If you are here perhaps we share an interest in some of the things discussed or pictured on my little blog. I started this blog to index and organize all of the bazillions of pictures I have taken that are loosely boxed up, burned to CD, uploaded on random web pages or plopped on thumb drives that seem to find their way lost in under cushions of my couch. They aren’t doing any good not being looked at so maybe someone can get some mild entertainment or distraction from work while they visit.

If you haven’t figured it out yet my family likes cars, trucks, motorcycles, shooting, camping, grilling and good food. I work in the wireless networking field and my wife owns a car repair shop. Our kids do their best to run us ragged but are otherwise great!

My hobbies include finding and fixing old rifles and broken cars, exploring old places and building occasional websites. We’re also going to be totally revamping the house we just bought so I bet fixing that up will be my hobby for the next few years.

I’ll post blogs on fixing stuff and pictures I’ve taken so if you find that any of the information helps or entertains you, feel free to comment.