Picked up another ’48 Willys Jeep project…..

After finishing the tub and functional restoration of my ’48 Willys, I have wanted to restore the frame and suspension as well. Everything seeps or leaks, shocks are shot, brakes are questionable, bearings and all seals need replaced. I have been squirreling away parts for this for a couple years now. A gasket set here, bearings there, new seals when I had a little extra money in the paycheck.. All piling up nicely in the garage waiting for the summer I decide to get the tub back off the frame and do a frame restore.

I was browsing through some local classifieds and found a listing: “’48 willys project, $1950.” I looked to see if there was anything good I could use and my jaw dropped. It was a complete 48 willys taken down for a restore and only halfway done. The owner said he was injured and could not finish the project anymore. It was taken apart and a frame restore done like I have never seen. The frame and rolling suspension was pristine, probably better than the day it rolled off the factory floor. Every nut, bolt, seal, gasket, bearing, spring, shock, clip, insulator, brake lines, tires rims and zerk fittings are BRAND NEW. I hurried over to seal the deal and was amazed at how good this frame looked. It had been stripped, dipped, galvanized and painted. It won’t rust in my lifetime.

In addition, the owner had also been gathering a slew of new parts, boxed and labeled every nut and bolt he removed, and had the transmission and transfer case fully restored.

We got her all loaded up in two trailers, and I went through every box of parts… there was a full jeep with a lot of extra parts.

Got it home and figured I could sell most of the parts I wasn’t going to use. By the time I got done selling the tub and additional parts I wouldn’t need, including some of the parts from my original jeep, I made more than the initial $1950 back in a couple of weeks and now have this awesome restored frame ready to get the restored body moved over. I will mount the trans and bellhousing first, then rear driveline. I currently have the engine at the machine shop being evaluated for a rebuild.

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