April 7, 2024

I usually harvest and can way more salsa than I eat in a year, so I will bring several bowls to work and host a little salsa party. However some of my coworkers suggested that my hottest salsa was not hot enough. These peppers should do the trick.

I started a couple dozen each of the Bhut Jolokia Ghost and white Habanero peppers. I have always had excellent luck with the Habaneros with my short little plants yielding well over two dozen peppers each.

White Habaneros are supposed to be 3x hotter than regular jalapenos so we’ll see how those turn out.

These are the peppers I plan on inflicting ring-stinging salsa glory upon those can’t-get-it-hot-enough salsa aficionados. I’ll hide the milk and lay the trap with my previously hottest recipe which involved 6 Habaneros among the regular Jalapeno and Serrano peppers in a quart of salsa. Whoever dares suggest it’s not hot enough will be invited to taste a special batch with Bhut Jolokia Ghost peppers!

1 thought on “Bhut Jolokia Ghost and White Habaneros planted!

  1. Peppers look awesome. I’ve been making my own salsa lately with store-bought Serranos and the occasional jalapeno (I know, they’re weak, but still like the flavor). I usually go with:

    Roma tomatoes (few days ripe)
    Green onions (white parts and about 3/4 way up the stock)
    A lot of cilantro
    Jalapenos (unseeded)
    Serranos (seeded/unseeded — Friends are wusses)
    Salt/Sugar to taste
    Cayenne pepper

    Food processor to blend, then let it stew for a couple of hours.

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