April 10, 2024

This guy’s been bouncing around the back corners of the shop’s lot and in-law’s driveways for years, changing hands in trades and sales I never had the opportunity to get in on but I have been keeping my eye on it…. When the stars aligned and I actually had some money when one of them finally decided to sell it, I bought it and took it home.

It’s a 1948 Willy sCJ2. It was used at Hill Air Force base as the range’s brass trailer tower and sold to the first civilian owner in the early 70’s according to the previous owner. There’s many layers of paint but with some looking I found some unpainted areas and turns out it was Luzon Red which is sort of a deep burgundy. The layers I can determine since are: Dark blue, light blue, red, tan then olive drab. We all imagine these as little army jeeps but those are hard to find. I’m going to keep this one in the drab homage and shake it down to see what it needs to get roadworthy. The previous owner drove it regularly and it towed trailers around our shop lot so I knew it would at least move under it’s own power.

First step: Shaking it down and seeing what it’s going to take to get it legally on the road. Stay tuned for more jeep posts !