April 10, 2024

Sandwich out of the can

Sometimes it’s just good to be an American. I heard about this sandwich in a can and had to try one. Yep, a sandwich, in a can. Mark one foods was generous to send me a box for review so with that disclosure, let’s see what we have!
Sort of a cross between a can of tennis balls and a pringles can, the packaging would be perfect for having in a school bag, glove box, trunk, bail-out bag or emergency kit. If this even comes close to being yummy, I’m gong to order a bunch!

Bread’s sealed up, the PB&J are in big foil packs, knife and candy. The desiccant pack tricked me into thinking it was a wet-nap, which would have been the perfect finishing touch. There’s plenty of PB&J for the hot-dog sized bread, the bread was nice and soft and the taffy wasn’t stale. The PB&J was good, the whole sandwich good, and most importantly: Thumbs up from my picky critics!