Wincherst Wildcat II Varmint – Toz-78 first range report

I finally got an evening free after work to take the new Winchester branded, Tula built .22 varminter out to the local range. I put a Burris 9x scope on there and zeroed it in at 6x for the upcoming CMP meet which only allows 6x scopes. I started out with some Federal beige box match rounds to get it sighted in at 25m. It was pretty windy so I had to wait a lot between shots for a low enough breeze to take the 50m shots. It took over an hour to fire 50 rounds. It was the first time I had shot at Provo’s recently revamped rifle range which I had been wanting to check out.

I walked the first rounds in with the 3″ birchwood casey shoot-n-c targets, then when it was dialed in I shot out the little dots from the shoot-n-c scraps.

I had Federal Bulk, Wolf MT, CCI pistol match, Federal Gold Medal and Aquila Supermax.

I could not really see where the shots were landing because the target holder was black, but I did get some pretty good groups. I shot with the front end of the stock supported on a beanbag on top of a .30 ammo can, shouldered.

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