My new home protection weapon – Mint Mosin Nagant!

When I saw this little beauty advertised on a local classified site for sale, I couldn’t resist. The words that got me were “Unfired Mosin Nagant”. I didn’t think this was possible, and figured I would find a very well re-furbished rifle of some sort, but I was wrong. What the seller had was an unissued, unfired Mosin frigging Nagant. Apparently the Poles made lots of Mosins and never had the opportunity to use them as tent poles, oars, jack handles or clubs like the Russians did. For a mere $225 I had a new boomstick.

As a home defense weapon I am not sure I can find an equal. If the bullet doesn’t do someone in…the flash will blind them, the noise will deafen them, the fireball will burn them, and if need be I can bayonet them from anywhere in the house.

I of course had to fire it and was quite happy with it. It kicked like a pissed mule and was so loud several of the other shooters came over to make sure I hadn’t blown up a gun with an insane hotload. It now has exactly 5 rounds fired. I will keep track.

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