Garden Area: expanding!

Last year our little salsa garden was enough to grow a bunch of tomatoes and peppers and enough pumpkins to host a pumpkin party for all the relative’s kids too.

This year we cleaned out the cords of wood and junk that the previous property owners left on the edge of the property. We were able to to add another 15 or so feet of usable gardening area. Even if you only have a small yard I recommend going ahead and dedicating a 2 foot deep strip on one side for gardening and once you get going you’ll find you should have done more. Fortunately for us this section of garden is covered by the lawn sprinklers so it makes it a little easier not having to water them manually.

The additional area of the end of our previous garden was full of grape vines and wood so we had to clear that out. Get the kids involved and helping! They’ll appreciate seeing the fruits of their labor as the season progresses and what kid doesn’t like working in the dirt and using tools? (supervised of course).

We’re going to make half of the new area pumpkins, the other half carrots, radishes, bell peppers and some herbs. I will be adding some additional sprinkler coverage for this area next, tilling and working in some local chicken produced fertilizer…stay tuned!

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