1990 Ford Taurus SHO rescue

I bought my first SHO in the early 90s, having never seen one before. I was tasked with buying a suitable generic 4 door sedan that day. When the salesman popped the hood of a 1991 SHO Plus, I couldn’t get my down payment out of my pocket fast enough. These cars have a Yamaha built DOHC motor that pumped out 220 HP and a 5 speed transmission. The interior had full leather guts, seats with inflatable lumbar and side bolsters, digital climate control and room for all the kids’ seats in the back. These little sleepers were great.
I stumbled across this one at the insurance auction a few years ago and could not resist. It went for under $500 and I drove it home. It was sad that this little damage would ‘total’ the car. We had other Tauruses we had scrounged parts from and a red donor would provide the suitable quarter for this repair.

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