1948 Willys CJ2 Jeep re-wiring part 2: Headlights

So some little brats decided to vandalize my headlights. Now’s a good time to rewire those I guess.

Fortunately the headlights are like $7 at O’rielly’s. I will just remove the little fog lights. So I decided to start by wiring from the lights back to the little junction box. Lots of old crappy cloth wiring in there, missing insulation, patched wires, etc..

I got new headlights, headlight connectors and replacement parking lights and tore into it. Once I had all of the lights out, wire retainers and wiring out, I also removed the little junction box inside the left fender. I wired the headlight connectors and measured out how far to make the runs back to the junction box and made harnesses with protective loom for each headlight.

I ran the looms right where the old ones went and used the same retainers along the way.

I also replaced the corroded burned out parking lights and ran those back to the same junction box point. the parking lights that were there were just generic ones I replaced with the same ones form the parts store.  I added a 4 terminal block for the headlights and parking lights in the same spot the old one was in,and secured everything down. I also grounded the headlight harness to the same point the old ones were:

Next step: getting this unholy mess removed, new dimmer and light switch and wiring actual power to the front lights!

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