Father’s day at the range.


Had to work on father's day, but got to make up for it with the kids on a weekday off. We just had to wait for the local police to get done with their range time and then we had a great time. We were using: Ruger Bearcat .22 6 shot revolver Browning Buckmark contour with Bushnell ...

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Getting kids (or anyone else) started with shooting

I have helped a lot of people, including my own kids to get started with shooting. I like to get people started the same way: with a bolt action .22 rifle. Why do I teach kids? There are several reasons. The first of which is that I teach gun safety. The next reason is to take ...

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Gibbs Rifles Springfield 1903-A4 Sniper rifle review


Ever since I bought this issue of Surplus Rifles, I have been Jones-ing for one of these rifles to fill the missing United States representative in my surplus rifle collection. That's Gibbs' 1903-A4 reproduction sniper rifle on the cover. AIM Surplus has offered these but either from Gibbs or AIM they go for $999. I never ...

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Radarcarve gunstock duplicator review


I collect a oldĀ  rifles in assorted states of disrepair and bring them back to life and many times they have broken stocks. I bought the radarcarver to be able to duplicate the broken stocks in new wood and fancy laminates. I wish I would have found a review like this before buying the radarcarver. ...

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