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Setting up a Control4 system DIY style

The control4 home automation system revolves around an assortment of available linux-based controllers, sensors and other widgets that make operating everything from light switches to your home AV gear easy and give the power to program things to happen automatically … Continue reading

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The Most Interesting Man In The World

Funnier than Chuck Norris Jokes…… A great ad campaign by Dos Equis beer highlighting the exploits, skills and endeavors of The Most Interesting Man In The World: He’s won trophies for his game face alone. He never says anything tastes … Continue reading

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MAME machine monitor replacement


The very heavy and expensive CRT that I installed in the Mame cabinet died, and since there was an unused LCD available, it was replaced with that LCD. The weight savings and safety considerations were worth it. The bezel had … Continue reading

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Re-live the 80s with no quarters!


If you were like me growing up in the 80’s, quarters were for one thing: Video games.  A few years ago my wife bought me an old Ms Pacman arcade game, but the monitor blew out shortly after getting it. … Continue reading

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