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New tailgate on my 48 willys CJ2A


One more step to gteting on the road! Got a deal on a new repro tailgate and got it all mounted. Chains are next I guess. Then a taillight and reflector, then wire the gauges. Yay!

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1963 Mercury comet fuel pump and filter replacement.


The best thing I am finding out about my Comet is that the regular maintenance parts are very inexpensive, used in many other Fords, and are easy to replace. This pump and filter replacement took 15 minutes and 2 tools. … Continue reading

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1963 Mercury Comet exhaust manifold repair


The first thing I fixed on my new Comet was a massive exhaust leak. I could not see the leak but I HEARD it and could feel the hot blast of air coming out from under the exhaust manifold. First … Continue reading

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17 months: My ’48 willys CJ2A Jeep functional restoration


Today is a huge milestone for this project. I started last summer thinking I could get this rig roadworthy in 3-4 months. I was very wrong. I had already repaired some of the major things on the jeep such as … Continue reading

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