17 months: My ’48 willys CJ2A Jeep functional restoration


Today is a huge milestone for this project. I started last summer thinking I could get this rig roadworthy in 3-4 months. I was very wrong. I had already repaired some of the major things on the jeep such as seats, converted to 12V electronics, rewired the front end and changed it over to solid ...

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1948 CJ2A Willys Jeep tub and floor restoration


One bad thing about the willys when I got it were the holes in the floorpan and the frame pieces under the floor and tub were crushed, missing or rusted out. I bought a '48 tub from a local guy who gave up on his project and only the ends of the frame pieces were ...

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First look at my 1963 Mercury Comet

All the chrome is still there.

On the other side of the block from my house, I have seen the rear of this finned and chromed car between the houses.... sitting for years never moving. I noticed the house it was at was for sale so I went and asked if the car was too. It was. It actually fired right ...

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How to install Swiss K-31 rifle Grunel sights


The Swiss k31 is an excellent rifle, and arguably the most accurate of the military surplus rifles available. I could go on and on about their quality, craftsmanship and accuracy. If there is any shortcoming with the rifle it is in the stock issued iron sights. With no real click-able adjustment on the fronts or ...

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