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1948 CJ2A Willys Jeep tub and floor restoration


One bad thing about the willys when I got it were the holes in the floorpan and the frame pieces under the floor and tub were crushed, missing or rusted out. I bought a ’48 tub from a local guy … Continue reading

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First look at my 1963 Mercury Comet

All the chrome is still there.

On the other side of the block from my house, I have seen the rear of this finned and chromed car between the houses…. sitting for years never moving. I noticed the house it was at was for sale so … Continue reading

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1948 Willys CJ2 Starter Bendix repair and replacement

These directions will go over the Bendix replacement and pretty much how to totally take down and reassemble your starter. In my case my Bendix went out and wouldn’t throw out and engage the flywheel anymore. That’s when your starter … Continue reading

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1948 Willys CJ2 Jeep re-wiring part 2: Headlights

So some little brats decided to vandalize my headlights. Now’s a good time to rewire those I guess. Fortunately the headlights are like $7 at O’rielly’s. I will just remove the little fog lights. So I decided to start by … Continue reading

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